Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loud People

Not only Loud People, but people tht just, in general, think that they're the most knowledgeable about everything.

I'm not a genius, I know that, in fact I suck at tons of stuff, I just keep that stuff a secret O.o

But these people seem to follow me wherever I go. Whether it be in class or during my free periods, loud, annoying, obnoxious people stick to me like glue.

You know the type... You're sitting in class while the teacher is asking questions about hw or some shit, you went to bed (or didn't go to bed) at 2 AM last night so you're hoping that maybe you can catch a few winks while the teacher explains some bullshit everyone should've already known. Then this asshole chimes in and it all goes downhill from there. They then begin a PERSONAL ARGUMENT with the teacher and you just want to get up and throttle them with your bear hands. Everyone in the class looks at each other like: "why don't annoying turds like this come with a zipper on their mouths?". I don't know what it is with these kids, they seem to think that the LOUDER you are THE COOLER you are.

It's not even the volume that's the worst. It's the sheer amount of drivel that pours out of their mouths every second. I don't know how some of these people can even breath, just shut up and think about what you're saying for a second instead of saying like um uh wut duhhhhh. They don't even think they just say words that pop into their head and hope they make sense. Calm down, use your brain and begin again.

That's not all I really have to say about loud people. I could rant about them all day, I just have a feeling you couldn't read about them all day. We gota learn to move on though. I forget whose up next on my hit list. I'll cya tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The curriculum

What we're going to be talking about: (keep in mind the list is subject to change because some days shit goes down that you just can't NOT address)

1) Loud people
2) Stupid people
3) The difference between racism and stereotyping
4) Religious people
5) Pedantic People
5) Tools
6) Your mom (no, not really)

I also might throw some other stuff in there. There could be daily bonuses such as Douchebag of the Day, or Fail of the day.

I'm also interested in the sort of people that annoy you the most, so that I might address them as well. Post a comment. please?

For now, it's very late and I must get to bed so that I can start my first rant about what was it? hmmmm... o yeah LOUD PEOPLE. I'm the Truth and that's the Truth. Peace... -_-

What it is....

Alright guys, I've got a lot of stuff to complain about so sit down, relax, get a snack because this is going to be a nice long rant about a bunch of shit that, for whatever reason, pisses me off. Don't take it personally if something I say pertains to you. I'm intolerant. That being said I can now tell you that while this blog may not consist of anything sublime, it will have my thoughts, which I think are pretty special in and of themselves.