Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The curriculum

What we're going to be talking about: (keep in mind the list is subject to change because some days shit goes down that you just can't NOT address)

1) Loud people
2) Stupid people
3) The difference between racism and stereotyping
4) Religious people
5) Pedantic People
5) Tools
6) Your mom (no, not really)

I also might throw some other stuff in there. There could be daily bonuses such as Douchebag of the Day, or Fail of the day.

I'm also interested in the sort of people that annoy you the most, so that I might address them as well. Post a comment. please?

For now, it's very late and I must get to bed so that I can start my first rant about what was it? hmmmm... o yeah LOUD PEOPLE. I'm the Truth and that's the Truth. Peace... -_-

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